Winter Blast can't stop George Moss 

Yeah, it was cold and snowy last week.  We adapted, moving the Tailgate Party inside.  Before enjoying KB, Royal Tailor, and Tenth Avenue North.
And Friday the roads were slippery, but the heat from the group at Kalamazoo Community Church had George fired up!!
Want George Moss to come to your church, youth group, or community event?  Submit your request HERE.
Then you and your event can #GetYokedUp - It's way easier then you think!! 

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Go Mad 2014, you were glorious!! 

November in Fort Wayne, IN was the setting for Youth for Christ's 2014 "Go Mad" conference.  And, thanks to Huntington University, George Moss was able to captivate 1,200 friends through music and speaking the Truth.George brought along #DjCre8ive to really get the crowd fired up!!
We even found some time to test out some human size plastic hamster balls.  Find George or DjCre8ive on Instragram (@georgemoss & @Cre8iveLifeFitness) to see some short clips or more photos from last week's powerful time of ministry.  Also, you can search the hashtag #gomad or #gomad2014 to see what all happened in Fort Wayne last weekend.  #GetYokedUp

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One Tailgate Party wasn't enough, so... 

Didn't get a chance to make the first one?  Did you have so much fun playing cornhole that you can't wait to do it again?  Thursday Nov. 13th @ 5pm.  Grandville, MI it's going to happen again!! Come hang out with George Moss, OXEN Apparel, and maybe even Tenth Avenue North (Do you follow George Moss on Instagram?), for some games, fun, food and meeting some great people. 

It was sweet getting to know this Youth Group last week when they stopped by the Tailgate.  Maybe we can connect with your Youth Group this time!!  Stop by, say "hi", get some pictures together and it's all FREE!!  #GetYokedUp

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OXEN Team accepting applications soon 

With November quickly approaching, the OXEN Team will be accepting applicants to join the online community that has been together for the last couple months.  This group was created to pray for one another, encourage each other, pose questions about Scripture, to learn through weekly team meetings lead through videos with George Moss, and so much more.  Want to see what it's all about?  George has some videos that explain things more thoroughly, check out the site here => OXEN Team
Maybe then you to will #GetYokedUp 

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What was different about this tour stop... 

Look at this concert photo from the Kent City show - do you see what's different?It's not the sweet Oxen Apparel.  No those have become staples at any George Moss show.  It's the LIGHTS!!  George now has his own lights and they, "really took the show to a new level" says Mr. Moss.  "Using the lights was awesome!" said George, "it makes the show a more enhanced experience."  Hopefully, you are planning to see George Moss in a concert soon and then you can #GetYokedUp .  Keep checking the "tour" tab for your next chance to see a live show!! 

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OXEN Team Tailgating  

Anybody planning on going to the Lecrea concert at the Delta Plex Thursday October 30th? 
If so that's cool, how would you like to meet up for a OXEN Team Tailgate?  George is planning to be in the parking lot all set-up and ready to meet with everyone by 3pm.  He will have some game/activities to participate in.  George will have some OXEN Apparel with him.  If you want to bring snacks/food for your group - that's great.  If you don't, no problem.  Maybe you aren't planning to go to the concert, but want to hang out anyway - sweet, as they say, "the more the merrier!".  This will be a low key time to ask questions about OXEN Team, hang out, meet others on the OXEN Team, take some selfies, play some games, whatever.  Hope to see you there!!  By the way that Andy Mineo is no slouch either!!  #GetYokedUp

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Plowing the ground in New Mexico 

Wanted to share how things went recently in New Mexico.  George Moss and Pedro Latorre were able to go to several public schools to share a message of hope and to invite students to a concert where the message of Christ was shared.  Brian Smith, youth pastor at Hobbs First Assembly shared that it was a community team effort that brought George and Pedro to their area.  An area network group called "Common Ground" worked together to call area schools and plan dates for George and Pedro to rally and encourage students prior to the concert.  "I absolutely love going into the public schools and being able to inspire hope in the lives of the students", says George Moss.  "It really encapsulates the idea of what an OXEN does.  I go out and plow the ground (the hearts and minds of students and teachers) that would sometimes be hardened to the seed of the gospel, and am able to prepare them for the seed of the gospel that will later be planted at a concert."

"We got great feedback from the parents and the principals", said Pedro LaTorre referring to the schools response to their visits "We were able to encourage loads of students".  Pedro has a website Hope In Motion dedicated to school assemblies, click the link for more details.  The concert was part of the "See you at the Pole" event where students across the nation go to each campus' flagpole and pray for the classmates, teachers, administrators and the school year. 

Pedro also shared about a couple of college students that saw the commotion of concert setup and sounds checks.  "They decided to come and check out the concert", stated Pedro.  One of those students gave their life to the Lord that night.  Brian estimated that 650 people attended the concert at a nearby Jr. College.  Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) was also was very helpful in getting so many people to attend the concert.   Brian also projected that as many as 80 students made a decision for Christ or a re-commitment that evening.  What a awesome response - Praise The Lord!! 

George shared his desire to partner with Pedro again in spring 2015 for another set of school assemblies followed by a concert to once again impact a community with the  truth of the gospel.  "Being yoked up with guys like Pedro and Brian is such a huge blessing," shared George.  Would you like to have your school visited?  Please add your city, state and name of your Middle School in the comments of this news story to be considered. 

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Tour dates announced 

Good news, George Moss has new dates announced bringing him to New Mexico, Indiana, Ohio and a couple spots in Michigan in the next 6 weeks.  As some new tour dates have been announced, it seemed like a great time to contact some of the organizers.  Only one question was asked, "Why did you choose to bring George Moss to your event?"  The responses were amazing.  Here are their responses;

"His appeal to our youth group and area kids." - Rob in Kent City.

"We've seen him before.  Factors include his solid faith, positive testimony, and our parents are excited to bring him to our area again.  Our students are pumped to see him again." - Ramon from Northbridge Church.

"George is a talented rapper and a gifted speaker.  He promotes the same values we promote to our youth group.  When our students saw him before they were surprised how good he was, even shedding the 'Christian artist' stereotype.  We are excited to see him preform again."  - Jeff from Kalamazoo Community Church.

"George Moss has a great ministry.  His heart to reach people is amazing."  - Blake Assistant YP of Revolution YM.

"I have hired George Moss for many of my events.  He is authentic, relates well to students, has a genuine personality, a powerful testimony, and has great music.  His interaction with the crowd is amazing, when George is on stage everyone is paying attention.  He has made several trips to our venue, and the students love him!  His love for God and heart for sharing with others is evident in all he does.  I have used a variety of performers over the years, and George Moss stands out as one of the best.  I highly recommend him to anyone interested in a great performer."  - Jeremiah YP at Dublin Baptist Church. 

"Huntington University is proud to partner with Youth for Christ's GO Mad event.  HU has sponsored the concert in the past and provided some outstanding artists and for 2014 that remains the same.  Huntington University is pleased to present George Moss for this year's concert to kick off Go Mad.  The relationship between George Moss and Huntington University is definitely not a new one.  For the past ten year's HU complies music from artists around the country into the HUzic CD.  Music from George Moss has appeared numerous times on these compilation cd's.  George Moss has also performed at the Fandana music festival held on HU's campus.  We look forward to another great event with George Moss in partnership with Youth for Christ and Huntington University."  - Nate at Huntington University. 

Look for some details about each concert under the "Tours" tab.  #GetYokedUp